9 Wildly Surprising Vintage Ads From Big Companies Today

What were these big corporations thinking when they came up with some of these advertisements from back in the day? Which ones do you think would still fly in this day and age? It certainly was a different era back then and a company could get away with a little more political incorrectness, all in an honest attempt to push more product!

1. American Airlines sexy flight attendant. Think of her as your mother.

2. Use Listerine antiseptic because you can lose your man in a minute!

3. Watch out for that Peter Pain. Rub in Ben-Gay.

4. I need one of these Campbell’s soup tote bags!

5. Canada Dry ginger ale, it’s gingervating!

6. Canadian Club, your mom wasn’t your dad’s first. Damn right your dad drank it.

7. She’ll be happier Christmas morning with a Hoover. Enough said.

8. Colgate dental cream. They pass up the girl with glamour … for the girl whose breath is sweet and clean!

9. Pepsi, so young, so fair, so debonair. Pepsi sure was going after a different market back then.

See Some Ridiculous Politically Incorrect Vintage Ads by clicking the image below!

chiquita banana boy and girl with girl swallowing banana inappropriate vintage ad

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