11 More Politically Incorrect Vintage Ads

palmolive women looking in mirror men ask is she pretty not is she clever vintage ad

pitney bowes postage meter is it always illegal to kill a woman vintage ad

1. Pitney Bowes is a global technology company that specializes in manufacturing postage meters. So of course they’re going to raise the age-old question if it is always illegal to kill a woman. And yes, yes it is.

2. Seven-Up is so pure and wholesome, just like a baby. And apparently it is also the perfect drink to help wean your baby off of breast milk, just look at that smile.

3. Butter and a young boy’s naked body complete with gratuitous butt shot. Times were innocent back then, don’t think this ad for butter would fly in this day and age.

4. More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette. Love that the text in the yellow box further touts a doctor’s credentials. And forget the G-Spot, now we have the T-Zone.

5. Hmm, General Electric Range and black man mmm mmmm eating fried chicken. Yo’ next range should be a General Electric!

6. To be fair, we all know that the word ‘fag’ had a different meaning back then. But this ad, quite the clever existential persuasive logic to have a fag.

7. Calling all chubbies, fall and winter clothing now available at Lane Bryant!

8. Just a few of things the universal food chopper can chop. Collective groan from vegans and vegetarians. I’m not quite sure what that is in the bottom right.

9. Maxwell House coffee and blackface … good to the last drop. Golly Mis’ Maria, folks jus’ can’t help havin’ a friendly feelin’ for dis heah coffee!

10. Ladies should use Palmolive soap because let’s be honest, most men ask ‘Is she pretty?’ and not ‘Is she clever?’ And that has been going on since the times of the ancient civilization depicted in the bottom left

11. Don’t cry miss housewife lady, look at the silver lining. At least you didn’t burn the Schlitz beer!

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