What is your Star Wars cocktail

What is your Star Wars cocktail generator

What is your Star Wars cocktail?

Take the third letter of your first name:

A Chewie
B Tasty
C Lemon
D Sour
E Rum
F Dirty
G Big
H White
I Apple
J Mint
K Long Island
L Whiskey
M Irish
N Salty
O Bloody
P Buttery
Q Moscow
R Little
S Fizzy
T Tequila
U Black
V Vodka
W Flaming
X Zombie
Y Slippery
Z Jungle

And add the day of the month you were born:

1 Solo
2 Lando
3 Palpatine
4 Leia
5 Skywalker
6 Death Star
7 Rebel
8 Fett
9 Kenobi
10 R2
11 Yoda
12 Jawa
13 Dark Side
14 Empire
15 Mind Trick
16 Vader
17 Ackbar
18 Wookie
19 Force
20 Greedo
21 Jedi
22 Luke
23 Tauntaun
24 Ewok
25 Jedi
26 Utinni
27 Lightsaber
28 Padme
29 Jabba
30 Sith
31 Jar Jar


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