Baby Elephant Savagely Biting Off a Man’s Face or So It Seems

Girl screams as baby elephant viciously attacks tourist …

Well, elephants don’t have the greatest eyesight so they will often use their senses of touch and smell to discern the environment and communicate. Their trunk and skin are incredibly sensitive and have an inordinate number of nerve receptors. Despite the rough exterior appearance, an elephant can even feel a fly land on their skin. When they want to show affection, they will use their trunks to stroke each other’s heads and backs, and calves will often even place their trunk inside their mother’s mouth for reassurance.

What looks like an assault at first is really just playful cuddling, make that *adorable* playful cuddling between the baby elephant and the man in the video. I know I wouldn’t mind rolling around and being showered with kisses and cuddles from a baby elephant. 🙂

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