15 Pictures Of Things That People Who Grew Up After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand



The trials and tribulations and first-world problems of growing up in the 80’s and 90’s were very different from those of today. Technology that was cutting edge and revolutionary back then seems completely dated in today’s day and age of smart phones and fast Internet.

Here are 15 things that kids that grew up after the year 2000 will never understand. Let the good times roll.

1. Blockbuster Night

The weekly Friday night trip to Blockbuster Video was always something to look forward to. It’d often be crowded and you might even have to fight for one of the last copies of a new release.

Did you know that there is one last remaining Blockbuster in America in Bend, Oregon?

2. Untying that telephone handset cord

Do they even make these sort of cords anymore? These phones were great for slamming on an angry hangup though, a lost art in today’s era of cell phones.

Today's generation will never get to know the satisfaction of slamming down the phone during an angry hangup ecard

3. Scratched CDs

This was the worst feeling when you flipped over that CD and it had a big scratch on it. There was a whole cottage industry of tools and lubricants to try to smooth out and take out those scratches.
4. CD Albums

Speaking of CDs, a full album kept in your car was a must for the cool kids.
5. Paper Maps

Another thing you might need in your car, especially on a road trip? Paper maps and the mess of folding and unfolding them. Does anyone use paper maps anymore?
6. Balancing Bird Toy

This was the fidget spinner of yore. Also often found in a person’s vehicle.
7. Passing Paper Notes in Class

Remember passing those folded paper notes in class?
8. Free calls after 9 PM

The struggle was real.
9. Multiple devices

Our pockets and purses were much fuller back then if you wanted to have it all.

10. VHS Video Tapes

Remember when videotapes would unravel sometimes?
11. Cassette Tapes

Same thing with cassette tapes. Always keep a pencil handy when listening to music
12. Floppy disks

This was the sturdier 3.5 inch version of the floppy disk.
13. Blowing on video game cartridges

Amazingly, this would actually work most of the time.
14. Napster

Our first taste and the beginning of the digital music collection.
15. 1980’s Romance

Enough said!
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