12 People Who Quit Their Jobs Like a Boss and Their Epic Last Day

12 People Who Quit Their Jobs Like a Boss and Their Epic Last Day

Ah that sweet last day on the job moment. This is that opportunity that many of us have envisioned for years while on the job to leave that epic last day mark. Below are some of the most creative ways to celebrate that last day!

1. This employee photoshopped himself into a Michael Kors underwear ad on his last day!

2. What better way to leave a mark on your last day then awarding yourself Permanent Employee of the Month. Looks like he has gotten some very positive feedback over his career at PetSmart.

3. Love this “Sorry for your Loss” card to break the news to your boss.

4. If a greeting card is not your style, perhaps donuts for the office …

5. And the rest of the office responds with a cake of their own …

6. And even helps out on the last day with their cubicle clean-out.

7. And finally, a parting gift of a classic portrait to hang over the fireplace.

8. It’s always important to stay strapped with an automatic Nerf gun for that last day, just in case there is any funny business.

9. This meticulous attention to detail is what made recruiters go after this former employee hard in the first place.

10. Last day of the semester? Time for a real pop quiz.

11. Sometimes you have to make your last day announcement on an epic scale.

12. And of course, what better way to leave than invoking your inner Nicholas Cage.

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